2021_Term One

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2021_TermOne-EDUISD2-Critical and Enquiry-PG01

In this course, students will examine, analyse, reflect on and demonstrate critical understanding of theory, research and practice of effective teaching, learning and assessment practices. Students will have the opportunity to critically review current research, innovations and practice related to leading edge approaches and strategies for promoting high quality classroom teaching, learning and assessment. In addition, students will critically review current research to inform improvements and innovations in teaching, learning, and assessment in contexts of their professional practice. Effective teaching, learning and assessment will be considered in relation to different policy contexts including frameworks of professional standards developed in UAE and in other countries. Finally, students will synthesize and make links between their professional practice, relevant theory and research related to effective teaching, learning and assessment.
Teacher: Ieda Santos

2021_TermOne-EDUISD1-Classroom Management-PG02

In this practical classroom-focused course students will critically evaluate and apply the principles, perspectives and practices of various classroom management models as well as the interactive aspects of teaching and learning in classrooms. Students will research, critically analyze, reflect upon, and further develop useful skills and knowledge of theories and practical strategies for effective classroom management and communication. Students will also consider how these classroom management and communications strategies impact on teaching and learning effectiveness in classrooms. During class discussions and assessment tasks students will plan ways of applying research-informed principles of effective social dynamics of the classroom to their own professional practice contexts in order to promote well-managed classrooms that support effective teaching and learning. The course will support students develop innovative strategies for preventing and/or reducing classroom and behaviour management problems. Real practical case studies from peer-observations and own teaching practice will be critically analyzed and discussed. Through making clear links between research, theory and practice, students will be able to self-evaluate their own classroom management practices to optimize the effectiveness of teaching and learning in classrooms they teach.